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A great celebration deserves a prestige venue. The Aegis yacht is designed to provide the most unique and glamorous event to its passengers. This luxurious yacht can accommodate big parties with up to 35 guests on board, perfect for corporate events and intimate celebrations with your loved ones. The Aegis yacht is fully equipped with everything you need for your event. Features of the yacht includes a spacious main deck, air conditioned saloon, cabins, professional sound system, and LCD display.

This yacht also features its very own Jacuzzi located at the sun deck, providing a panoramic view of the city as you cruise along Manila Bay. Indeed, the Aegis yacht can guarantee a unique experience for you and your guests.Come aboard and have the most prestige celebration on the Aegis yacht!


Use of the yacht during the time rental
Captain and staffs

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Rules & Conditions

  • Time starts on given boarding time by the client.
  • External Caterers are not allowed or corkage fees will be added.
  • An additional charge will be incurred for every exceeding hour. Payment should be made immediately after the event.
  • In case of bad weather, yacht may not be able to cruise and your package will be converted to one of the following: 1-hour cruise = 2-hour dock or 1-hour cruise = 3-hour function room.
  • Should the client decide to cancel the reservation, any deposit made by the undersigned will be forfeited. Event will be rescheduled should there be any occurrence of natural calamities such as typhoons, earthquakes, floods, and the like. For the safety of the passengers and vessel, the Captain has the right to change the time of departure at any point during the trip.
  • The host shall strictly monitor the individuals present during the event. S/he is required to submit a guest list three (3) days before the event.
  • The host will be charged for any damage and/or loss to the booked properties or amenities during the event. Manila Luxury Club cannot be held liable for any damage and/or loss of personal belongings during the event.

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