Golden Knight Online Slot Rating and reviews

Stories that begin with “Once upon a time” almost always conclude with the phrase “they lived happily ever after.” It would seem that the direction that the tale would take in the slot game with a medieval theme that was developed by Hi 5 Games is up for discussion. When you consider that the knight is fighting a dragon that breathes fire, the only weapons he has are his sword and his horse, the story could go either way. You will be given the dragon’s buried riches regardless of how the narrative turns up.

The online slot game known as Golden Knight has a total of 40 paylines that are always active across its 5 reels. The slot machine provides the usual wilds, scatters, and bonus games, in addition to the stacked wilds and the scatter bucks feature, both of which have the potential to significantly boost your winnings. Golden Knight is accessible on every device imaginable. There is no exclusion. Keep following along to find out whether the knight is successful in vanquishing the monster.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine Golden Knight

The game runs without a hitch on any and all platforms, including mobile and desktop computers. You can feel confident that the gaming experience will run well on whichever device you choose to use. You can see the name of the game, your current balance, and your winnings in the areas that are located below the reels. You should notice an orange button that says “bet” down in the bottom right corner of the screen. At the online casinos that we recommend, the bet can range from 0.40 to 40.00 coins per spin. You can adjust the amount of your wager by clicking on the “bet” button. You will see the play button as well as the autoplay option. You’ll find the “+” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The paytable may be accessed via this section of the game.

The scatter symbol, which denotes the availability of free spins, will appear first. After that, you’ll notice the wild represented by a symbol that has a blue and red shield, which will award you 1,000 coins if you get a combination of five of a kind. In addition to that, it plays a unique part as a sign that may be found strewn everywhere.

Features of the Golden Knight Slot Game and Free Spins

The wild symbol may take the place of any other symbol, with the exception of the scattered bucks sign and the scatter symbol itself. In addition to that, it contributes to winning combinations of five of a kind and may show up stacked on the reels. Now, when you play with the maximum bet, the scatter bucks function is enabled, and the symbol with the shields begins showing with a credit value on it. In addition, the scatter bucks feature is triggered when you play with the maximum bet. When it occurs on any reel, it is worth a minimum of 25 credits no matter where it is. However, the greatest value that may be won on the first reel is 100 credits, on the second reel it is 500, on the third and fourth reels it is 2,000, and on the fifth reel it is 10,000 credits.

The scatter symbol only appears on the middle three reels of the game. When it falls on all three of them, you are awarded seven free spins. During the free spins, if you are successful in landing three further scatter symbols, you will be awarded seven additional free spins; this will continue for as long as you are successful in landing other scatter symbols. Believe it or not, you have a chance of winning up to 98 free spins! Not only does this version of the scatter dollars function apply, but it also maintains its previous credit value structure. At the conclusion of the bonus rounds, you will be awarded the whole credit value!

Golden Knight Maximum Win, RTP and Volatility

If you play the Golden Knight slot machine made by High 5 Games, you have the opportunity to win up to a whopping 980,000 coins! The return to player percentage for this game is 95%. The game has a modest level of volatility.

Golden Knight Verdict & Similar Online Slots

When playing Golden Knight, you have the chance to earn up to 98 free spins. Even if you don’t receive the value of 10,000 credits on the scatter dollars symbol, but you do get 5-of-a-kind combinations, which also pay 10,000 credits, this implies that you still have a chance of getting that prize, in some form or another! This indicates that Golden Knight is a more thrilling game than you first imagined it would be.

However, there is one other slot machine that, with its 98 potential free spins, is capable of delivering precisely the same payoff, in precisely the same manner. This machine is known as the Cherry Mischief slot. However, owing to the meter that may award up to 1.2 million credits, you have the opportunity to increase your wins while playing this slot machine. Another fantastic game that has the potential to provide 900,000 credits is called Bourbon Street Bash. The maximum payout for a single winning combination at this slot machine is 100,000 credits. However, one play on this slot machine at the very finest online casinos may award up to 900,000 credits.

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