Review of the Slot Machine Baron Samedi

It’s never too late for a nice scare, even though this time slot would have been better served as part of the seasonal, pre-Halloween offer. It’s clear that Yggdrasil was waiting for the “dead returning to earth” controversy to go down before springing this on us right before Christmas. A slot machine with the infamous Baron Samedi of Haitian voodoo at its center.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Haitian mythology, the Baron is a powerful spirit in Voodoo religion, sometimes represented as a skeleton or a well-dressed man. Baron enjoys the finer things in life as well, and he has a reputation for hedonism, liquor, and smoking.

In-Game Icons

Icons of the highest value are copies of Voodoo dolls created by Baron Samedi and his wife Maman Brigitte (yes, he is married, albeit not what one would call a model spouse). Three of a kind of the lower-value symbols—Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, or Amethyst—pay out 5 coins.

The bonus features are triggered by a combination of the Baron’s card, the player-collected feature cards (Green, Purple, and Red), the Skeleton Wild, which can substitute for any icon, and the Mystery Bottle Symbol, which appears only during the bonus feature.


Play the Baron Samedi slot machine for a chance to win between 10 cents and $125, with its 5 reels, 4 rows, and 25 fixed paylines. Players have the option of manually adjusting their bets and coin size, but can also push their stakes with a single click of the Max Bet button. The maximum bet each spin will be increased to $125, and the coin value will be immediately reset to $5. Players can also choose to play between 10 and 1000 automatic spins without interfering with the action, thanks to the Auto Play function.

The game’s starter deck is given to you automatically upon launch, and the card book is updated accordingly. Only in the main game can you access your card collection and arrange your cards by rarity and power. While active, bonus features will add cards to your card book, and when the set is complete, additional features will become available.

Additional Value

If you get two Free Spins symbols on the reels, you’ll get a Voodoo Re-spin and the dealer will hand you three Feature Cards in the top left corner. Seven free games and 50 coins are awarded for three Free Spins icons, while 12 free games and 375 coins are awarded for four icons, and fifteen free games and 25,000 coins are awarded for five icons.

When enough of these cards are amassed, a hidden bonus is unlocked. Extra Mystery symbols, Multipliers, Stacked icons, Random Wilds, Mystery Reels, Wild Reels, etc. are awarded to players based on the cards they gather. Only during Respins and Free Spins will the Mystery Symbols appear, and they will transform into a random icon at the end of the game.


Over the course of a long session, the Baron Samedi slot machine pays out a whopping 250,000 coins, with a return to player percentage of 97%. For a combination of 5 high-paying symbols, you’ll receive 125 coins from the Baron and 115 coins from Maman Brigette. The slot’s decent betting range makes it accessible to individuals who aren’t big fans of large bets, falling somewhere between medium and high volatility.


There are many Yggdrasil slots that are jam-packed with extras because the developer does not subscribe to the “less is more” school of thought. The Baron Samedi has other perks beyond this, and the slot machine itself is very pleasing. Incredible rate of return to the player (97%! bonus multipliers and additional Wild symbols will continue to be bestowed onto players thanks to the card-collecting function. You get to play two games at once when you unlock the bonus rounds: the standard slot machine and a card game. It looks like Yggdrasil has given us another fantastic show.

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