The Auto Click Assist Program is a straightforward automated application.

May be used to automate mouse clicking This program’s unique feature is the ability to configure the mouse click using the X and Y axes, allowing the cursor to click left, right, or double-click. Even setting the Auto Click application to run and click at the automatically set location is insufficient. This makes the click range more restricted than usual. But it is a tool for achieving high levels of productivity. Additionally, it is possible to store all previously created settings.

How does the Auto Click software function?

This pusher can be readily installed on your PC if you utilize a computer frequently for work. It is a wonderful assistant that takes care of all the necessary duties. Allows you to take a break and run errands without being forced to stare at a device all day. Because this program will assist in completing your task when you are absent. And utilize the time efficiently to complete the assignment promptly. for instance Email acceptance clicks Capable of recording information on names and addresses of contacts, daily reports, tracking campaigns or advertising invitations, and clicks on articles and blogs provided to you. In addition, you will be notified in the future if the program has clicked to open any emails.

Features of the Automatic Clicker

The program’s file size is minimal. As a result, it does not consume computer resources.

can retain the same settings for future use

Simple to use and modify settings at any moment.

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Installing a Hot Key to configure usage or disable it automatically is possible.

Configure the mouse for a single click. or double-click as frequently as desired.

Configure the mouse to click where you desire.

Capable of altering hotkeys

The application requires no installation and can be used instantly.

Is Auto Clicker secure to employ?

If you already utilize computer assistance programs. You may be aware with email programs like as Aweber and GetResponse because these two programs have been used for a long time and are able to suit the needs of work. It is also stable in terms of providing information to contacts. Work to reach your objectives. In addition, the software of both applications is subject to rules, regulations, restrictions, and legally regulated usage procedures. Therefore, it can be relied upon that This program facilitates the most secure use of Auto Click. quite accurate Make clicking effortless and problem-free for yourself. certainly not a pirated software

The Auto Click program’s operating principle will protect your computer against viruses and spam that arrive with e-mails. When an email arrives from the destination, Auto Click serves as a front door to check for cookies and spam. and demonstrates that you’ve received the email. And if the email contains a faulty or unwanted file. The application will automatically close the browser and assist each other.

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Auto Clicker each version


The configuration for the last active mouse click is stored. You may only input a command once.

You can configure the click direction to be left, right, or middle.

Double clicks can be implemented. to double-click three times


Can add work-related shortcut keys

Added the ability to preserve the current settings and set new ones.

The file size is now reduced, but its functionality remains the same.

The Auto Click software is utilized to assist propel Popcat to the top spot!

When the download and installation are complete, select Auto Click to activate the software. can begin employing immediately By activating the function of the Hot Key button, which is analogous to the Auto Click program’s start/stop button, there is an additional setting for recurring clicks. where the user can select how many times the software will click or how long it will continue clicking until the stop button is pressed. Additionally, additional speed settings. Every click delay Auto click program There is a default setting of 300 Milliseconds (milliseconds), although slower clicks can be configured in this area if desired.

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